Easily manage your WordPress websites fleet

For ALL Web Agencies 


of CMS hacked in 2019 were WordPress websites, what are you waiting for?*

*By Sucuri

Unikname Connect

The next-gen authentication that secures your admin accounts against hacks

Protect your website against hacking-attacks of admin accounts

Instantly log into your websites without email or password

Get more security with the trusted certificate dedicated to your agency

Manage your administrators' accounts more easily

Administer multiple websites by using the same unique ID

Offer your clients the best and highest security service

WordPress agencies already use Unikname!

Administer clients’ websites with your unique ID


CEO, Waiel Digital

« Waiel Agency started to collaborate with Unikname several months ago and we are very satisfied. Both on the technical aspect, with the proposed solutions, about the human relation and an appreciable and efficient availability of Unikname teams. Waiel needed a secure solution to manage its website fleet. The Unikname Connect solution meets all our expectations and allows us to remain innovative in our proposed offers »


Project Manager, Waeil Digital

« Unikname brings us a lot of flexibility in all our projects thanks to the use of a secure and simple registration at the same time.The difficulty met was a lot of websites to manage under WordPress and we needed to protect them effectively. Unikname allows us to achieve this optimal protection while having ease thanks to the integrated multi-site management that saves us a lot of time »


CEO, Forsane

« Easy to use, the Unikname Connect solution facilitates my daily management of WordPress websites that I create and administer! I met Unikname as part of the redesign of their websites, and through this project, I discovered a trust and innovative solution. I use WordPress every day and the Unikname Connect plugin was easy to take in hand. I think that WordPress professionals should vigorously use the solution today »

How does it work?

Create your agency account managed from your dedicated admin instance

Install the Unikname Connect plugin to websites that you manage 

Set up Unikname Connect as the main authentication mode 

Sign into your websites with your agency account and confirm the connection in the app

Key features

Strong multi-factor authentication

Quick setup and easy upgrade

Widgets and shortcodes

Multisite Compatibility

Supports HTTPS enabled websites

Single Sign-One (SSO)

Trust certificate


Unikname instance and dashboard


Compatible with the most popular WordPress plugins


Get started for free by integrating the solution to your first website!


For 1 website

Discovery free plan


For 10 websites



For 50 websites


* One website managed by one administrator

** Annual Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use the Unikname Connect plugin?
The solution is intended for WordPress site administrators, regardless of the size of the
website you manage! A large or small website, a blog, an online store, Unikname
Connect will facilitate access to the back office while ensuring its security.
Do I have to pay right away?

Thanks the Discovery plan, take advantage to test the solution to one website you administer (or yours) for free! The perfect opportunity to see and determinate the potential of Unikname Connect. In this context, no payment is required. If you want to install the solution on multiple websites, you will be charged annually for the number of websites you manage.

If I need help, can you help me?

The Unikname support team is available to help you every step of the way! You can also benefit from dedicated support if you need it. Do you have a question? Ask it directly in our online chat or send us your request at support@unikname.com.

How does the plugin installation work?

Before starting the integration process for the Unikname Connect plugin on your WordPress environment, you must check that your wesite is well protected by an SSL security certificate (HTTPS). If so, you can start the 5 installation steps now!

Do I need to be a developer to install the plugin?

No! Installing the Unikname Connect plugin for WordPress is very easy! Find all the information in the dedicated WordPress section.

Can I use Unikname Connect to manage my customers’ websites?

Of course you can! Are you a web agency? Do you manage several websites at the same time? Simplify the management of your client’s websites. No more email or password to remember, simply use your @unikname to connect.