Your innovative projects deployed in a minute

Manage decentralized Unikname identifiers via an universal and modular platform then skyrocket your web applications capabilities.

Unikname Platform

Universal Unikname Platform

Unikname platform gives you access to a set of functional tools fitting your needs.

Decentralized Identifiers

Own and manage self-sovereign Unikname identifiers

Ready-to-use products

Take advantage of Unikname solutions to set-up your project

Integration Framework

Integrate Unikname modules in your web apps features

Blockchain Technology

Benefit from Unikname Network ecosystem and others

Decentralized Unikname Identifier

Give a unique and universal digital identifier to your users

Self-sovereign identifier

Unikname identifier is a self-sovereign identifier, a.k.a DID or Decentralized ID, with exclusive ownsership
Token NFT Unikname

Non-Fungible token

Unikname is a non-fungible token (a.k.a NTF) with unique features

Unikname ID anti-spoofing

Spoofing attack protection

Safetypo protects identifiers against spoofing attacks and remains human readable


Can be pseudonym, a real name or a nickname. Unikname doesn’t care about owner identity

On-chain and off-chain usages

Unikname protects digital identity privacy enabling lot of use-cases

Unikname ID Anti-squatting

Squatting attack protection

Unique identifier lifecycle make Unikname squatting not very likely

Ready-to-Use Unikname Products 

Discover ready-to-use Unikname products to start your user journey and find your needs

Unikname Decentralized Application

My Unikname App

Immediate embarkation to your custom decentralized application (a.k.a DApp)

Design journey of your users picking features into your custom Unikname mobile app

Dashboard Pro

Manage and get a 360° vision on your decentralized projects

Visualize your Unikname integrations progression with Unikname Professional Dashboard and get exclusive features.
Dashboard Unikname
Authentification décentralisée Unikname

Unikname Connect

Decentralized authentication to secure access grants

Unikname Connect solution is born to increase security through strong 2FA protocol (double factor authentication). It’s easy to integrate and compatible with all your web platform environments.

Unikname Integration Framework

Imagine – Think – Deploy


Read, write and automatize interactions between your apps and Unikname Network


Integrate Unikname protocol and features during development of your own apps


Take advantage of Unikname libraries available and compatible with your web technologies stack.

Intégration Unikname avec Spring Boot

Command line interface

A powerful tool to interact with Unikname Network and manage your decentralized Unikname identifiers in an automatized way.

Feature modules

Plug-in Unikname key features into your web applications and platforms

Decentralized Authentication

Passwordless no-email new-generation strong authentication

Privacy-friendly data sharing

Develop private digital identity feature with this module

Data certification

Certify documents and operations without KYC (a.k.a Know Your Customer) with this module

User experience

Link Unikname identifiers to a fidelity program with our rewarding system

Simplified access management

A toolkit to manage web access of remote or physical users

Custom module

Develop your own functional modules for your web applications

Unikname Network blockchain

Unikname network brings innovative technologies to your project

Blockchain Unikname Open Source

Open-Source blockchain

Interoperability, reliability and security enhanced

Unikname Network ecosystem products are open-source. Anyone can audit, improve or customize code and be rewarded for contribution

Multi-chain technology

Develop cross-chain communications

Integrate Unikname concepts to other blockchains and benefit from both ecosystems thanks to Unikname Network gateway
Technologie Unikname Multi-chain
Gouvernance semi-décentralisée Unikname

Mainly decentralized governance

Delegated Proof-of-Stake mechanisms (DPoS)

Unikname Network is a DPoS blockchain governed by 23 actors, split into 3 fair colleges to increase decentralization and improve network stability