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Unikname Launches an Ambassador Program for its community

10 September 2021 | News

Charlène Demaret

Unikname Ambassador Program

You were many to apply to our Whitelist in order to be ready for the upcoming Token Sale! No worries, we will come back to you very soon. To keep in touch about the announcements, join the new channel Telegram dedicated to the Token Sale discussions here:

Thank you so much for your support. Some of you may have heard about the opportunity to get tokens before the sale starts through the Affiliate Program. This program is still open, if you want to be part of it! Take a look at the conditions here.

And best of all, everybody having already converted affiliates to join the Whitelist can now claim their rewards! How? Log into the Unikname Hub and go to the affiliate tab. Scroll the page, and click on “Claim my rewards”. Let’s go!

To go further, with the desire to create great opportunities for its community, Unikname launched a new program called Ambassador Program.

What is it?

First, the program is open to everybody convinced by the Unikname Project, wanting to help Unikname to propel itself. This program aims to increase the Unikname community of partners with the chance to get tokens for ambassadors. The ambassador program is similar to the affiliate program but with different advantages.

Your mission is to catch brands that you think could be helping Unikname to increase its visibility. Some businesses haven’t heard about Unikname yet, but could be interested in the project. Maybe you have some contact managing websites that Unikname would target! This is the perfect moment to put them in touch with us.

Unikname ambassador

The main reasons why businesses should become partners are: 

  • Enjoying a great brand visibility
  • Creating business opportunities by targeting new community
  • Trying decentralized identity features when they are ready*

*Unikname offers the installation of its Decentralized Authentication solution for every business that wants to try it for free, until the payment feature is available.

Join the Ambassador Program

Log into your Unikname Hub Account and register you as an Ambassador!

How does the program work?

It’s actually easy! Log into your Unikname Hub Account, scroll the page introducing the Affiliate Program, and find the Ambassador Program. Click on the button to register as an ambassador and receive an email with a guide about the program details and the steps to follow.

UNIK Token rewards

After that, everything is in your hand! All you need to do now is to look for prospective partners within your network and try to connect with them. Before sharing your qualified lead with us, be sure all is explained in detail and understood by your contact.

Once the project has been introduced to your qualified partner, please notify the Unikname Team in the channel of your choice (email, Telegram, Twitter, Discord…). Once the connection with the future partner is established, Unikname takes over the operations.

The approval of a partner’s application depends on the conditions below. The prospective partner must:

  • Manage a website
  • Give its agreement to be promote as partner by Unikname
  • Be ready for installing* the Unikname solution in the future.

Once the qualified lead fulfills these requirements, Unikname will reward the ambassador by offering $UNIK Tokens.

*For information, a company interested in the partner program doesn’t need to install the Unikname solution right away. The promotion as partner can be launched on the social media even if the installation of Unikname Connect hasn’t started yet.

The bonuses awarded will depend on the use-case of the partner’s website: 

  • Get 1 000 $UNIK for each new website that agrees to be secured by Unikname Connect in the future
  • Get 10 000 $UNIK for each new e-shop or forum* that agrees to provide the Authentication system by Unikname to their public users in the future
UNIK Token

*Unikname rewards ambassadors with more tokens when they have successfully converted websites with a big community. Why? Because these kind of platforms can help Unikname to attract new crypto-users.

The bonuses listed above, work until the first quarter of 2022. After that, the rewards will be given as a commission on the whole number of partners converted by the ambassador.

Feel free to talk about the project around you. If you have any doubts about the partner targeted, ask us for advice!

Need more?

Meet Unikname team to get a demonstration and help integration in your project