The $UNIK Token Sale is launched!

Unikname launches a Private Community Sale

2 October 2021 | News

Charlène Demaret

Unikname Community Private Sale

Dear community, the big day that you can’t wait any longer has arrived! We are so glad to announce that we are launching an official Private Sale of $UNIK Native Tokens dedicated to our privileged and loyal community. Thank you so much for your patience and your support. Be ready to participate in this Private Sale the Tuesday, October 26th at 9:00 AM UTC! Find out all information you need to know in this blog post about the conditions required to participate in the sale.

Participate in the Community Token Sale

Create your Unikname Hub Account by getting your UniknameID to participate in the Community Sale

About the Community Sale Event

So many of you have followed us for a long time and probably from the beginning of our project. This is the reason why we want to make this Private Sale profitables to you as much as we can.

UNIK Token

The Private Sale will happen to the Unikname Products Shop and will start in the coming days. You will be kept informed about the opening date, one week before the official launch of the Sale. From this date, you will be able to purchase $UNIK Native Tokens with -20% off on the whole cart!

When you will make shopping, your cart shall not exceed $5,000 in $UNIK Tokens. This is the maximum amount that you can spend at the Unikname Products Shop. The minimum ticket is $150. At the purchase process, you will be able to pay your $UNIK Tokens in these cryptocurrencies: BTC – ETH – USDC – DAI – DOGE – LTC or with your Coinbase Account.

The Community Sale Event will end when the ceiling of $100,000 will be reached as mentioned in the public Tokenomics. There may not be enough for everyone, so be part of the first buyers!

The distribution pool of 5 Million native $UNIK tokens has already been initialized and locked into a special UniknameID named @organization:Unikname.Private_Community_Sale*UNIKpool

Once your purchase is successfully done, you will get your native $UNIK Tokens within 14 days at the latest. They will be sent to the UniknameID with which you were connected on the sales platform. We won’t be able to change the delivery destination. Just open My Unikname App and they will be there.

You will be able to use your $UNIK on the network immediatly. And you will be able to trade them on the Uniswap DEx 90 days after the end of the TGE*, because vesting rules applies.

* The opening of the bridge between and Ethereum has been fixed 90 days after the TGE.

Participation Conditions

The Private Community Sale is only open to our community of users and requires you to complete the Tier 1 and 2 conditions to expect to participate in the event.

Tier 1

To be eligible, you have to complete the conditions of Tier 1. What does it require? You must already have:


Created a Unikname Hub Account with your UniknameID

Check the status of your Tier 1 from your Unikname Hub Account. If you feel some doubts or meet troubles, please contact the support team on our Discord Channel to rectify the situation.

Tier 2

To get the chance to participate in the Private Community Sale, you have to complete the conditions of Tier 1 and Tiers 2. Go on the application process by completing the conditions of Tier 2, called “Identity Verification”.

Participate in the private sale from the Unikname Hub
As a French company, we must apply the trade rights and the process of identity verification is mandatory. This step is managed by Synaps, a platform specialized in digital identity verification. Find out more about our external partner and its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The verification process of your identity starts from your Unikname Hub Account. By being connected to the Hub, click on the button “Start the Verification” to follow the process made in 3 steps:



Prove you are a real person



Verify your ID document


Proof of Address

Add a utility bill or bank statement (see the full list of allowed documents)

Once your account is qualified by the system of Synaps, you will be shown a green tag mentioning “Verified” from your Unikname Hub Account. It means that you are eligible to participate in the Private Sale. As soon as the sale opens, you will receive the link by email to access the shop.


In summary, you have to complete the conditions of Tier 1 and 2 in the hope to participate in the Private Community Sale. If you can’t or not get the chance to participate in the Community Sale, no worries! You will apply for the upcoming Public Sale.

Stay tuned about the future announcements by following the Telegram Channel dedicated to the Token Sale of Unikname. Let’s go!

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