Unikname Connect

Decentralized Authentication

Take advantage of Blockchain Unikname Network security to protect your web access from malicious intrusion attempts

Authentification décentralisée Unikname

Unikname Connect

2FA strong authentication – Password-less Login

Compliance with known and recognized standards

Based on standard OAuth2.0 and OIDC authentication protocols

Decentralized Identifiers provider

Providing Unikname IDs to replace the email and password

Privacy by Design requirements

GDPR Compliance, Unikname doesn’t collect data about users or their connections

Data Integrity Protection (Proof Of Retrievability)

Data Integrity Stamp concept aims to protect user’s data against hacks

Avoid hacking your web accounts with the Blockchain

For Web Admin
Strengthen security and facilitate the management of website fleet

Anti-phishing system
Multi-site management
Cross-platform compatibility

For Web Users
Making the login process easier for users by using a unique ID

Untraceable connection
Private login history
Property Management

Did you know?

times more hacking attempts since January 2020
By Zscaler


of hacks involve small corporate websites
By Sucuri


of websites analyzed have access security weakness
By PT Security


of users forget their password and reset it

The main goal for companies in 2021

Securing your business through the protection of admin and user accounts is no longer an option.

In the health of crisis, The Zscaler company analyzed that since January 2020:

hacking attempts increased by 30,000%


Adding to this phenomenon, OWASP has identified the second security hole that is part of the most important in the world: Broken Authentification and Session Management.

Following the same approach, PT Security explains that hackers can take user access control of 9 out of 10 websites analyzed. Maybe you are concerned…

How does Unikname Connect work?

Discover the 4 key components of the Decentralized Authentication solution

Secure your web access with Unikname Connect

Unikname Connect system pre-installed on your website
Domain Name secured by The Unikname Trust Certificate
Decentralized ID for instant and secure registration
Authentication approval function in The Progressive Web App dedicated

Key Features

  • Decentralized Authentication
  • Untraceable connection
  • Customizing the login page
  • Self-Sovereign Identifier
  • Trust Certificate
  • Security Alerts
  • Cross-Platform compatibility
  • Option to disable password and email authentication for WordPress website
  • Multi-user mode
  • Multi-website management

Strong Authentication System

Quick and easy integration regardless of the web environment used

Based on standard OAuth2.0 and OIDC authentication protocols

3 installation modes:

  • Turnkey solution with the official plugins
  • Basic Generic Integration via SDK
  • Custom Development on-demand
Réseau décentralisé
Plateforme Unikname Modulaire

Trust Certificate Protection

Trust Certificate attached with your web domain name

1. The Unikname ID of type organization. Usually your brand
2. The verified domain name where Unikname Connect is installed.
3. The green shield, a button which allows users to check the validity of this information. It proves the ownership of the domain by you.

Decentralized Identifier to login

Replace email and password with a unique ID

A Unikname ID is a decentralized Identifier – It looks like a pseudonymous that may be a word, number, letter, symbol or any combination of those. This identifier is under the sole control of his owner.

Blockchain Unikname Network
Plateforme Unikname Modulaire

Personal Decentralized Application

The dedicated App to manage Unikname IDs

Protected by PIN Code and secured with the passphrase, the Unikname App replace the second most popular factor (Code by SMS) and allows to access to a set of features

We Have Their Trust

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Client Testimonies

Their voice worth

Unikname protects us from this kind of attacks. We install and use this solution on every website that we create, host or maintain
Johann Bonfils

Founder, Les Baous Agency

We were looking for a secured solution in our technology stack to push to our current and future clients. Unikname fits perfectly with our needs staying innovative and competitive

CEO, Waïel Digital

No more password is required to connect to our sensitive company websites and data stay safe. The more my clients see the solution, the more it’s adopted
Yan Degive

Freelancer, Webmarketing