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Unikname Connect: One crypto-account, many private accounts

29 September 2021 | Authentication, Cybersecurity

Juliette Mégret

one crypto-account, many private accounts
With Unikname Connect, it becomes very easy to connect to your favorite websites. Users only need their UniknameID, managed in their crypto-account, to create private accounts. Platforms will never learn the UniknameID, and even less the user’s identity. What is the distinction between crypto-accounts and private accounts ? What do private accounts mean ? It’s time to have a look at the Unikname Connect Protocol.

The crypto-account on Unikname Network

1 – Defined by a UniknameID

A crypto-account is a cryptographic account, that is to say an account protected by cryptographic measures on the Unikname Network blockchain. It secures a NFT, called the UNIKNAME token, with a set of data to control it (address, public key, private key, passphrase). It is associated with a registry of properties. Some native system properties are set when the NFT is minted. The registry can be used to store user-defined properties as well. The UNIKNAME token is the proof of ownership of a UniknameID.
A UniknameID is composed of a crypto-account and a UNIKNAME token. Thanks to the NFT, the UniknameID get extra capacities:
  • it is addressable ;
  • it has verifiable properties ;
  • it is shareable via a human-readable explicit value.
Thanks to the crypto-account, a UniknameID can be used to certify operation by certification via cryptographic signature. All of this generates a Self Sovereign Identity (SSI).

2 – A SSI Wallet

A digital identity is defined by a set of attributes, a record of actions taken, numbers, code, or more generally the collection of information that, together, identify a given entity inside an information system
With SSI, the information system in question is the whole Internet. There is no dependence to a centralized server. The entity that owns an SSI can be a person, an organization, a device, or even an application.
The crypto-account is the controller of the UniknameID, and therefore of the self sovereign identity attached to it. It contains assets relative to the identifier and the identity, so it can be qualified as a SSI Wallet.

3 – A Crypto Wallet

With the UniknameID and the NFT properties, the crypto-account has a $UNIK token balance. The $UNIK is the second token of Unikname Network.It is a utility token native to Unikname Network. By accumulating $UNIK tokens, users gain access to Unikname SSI services.
In addition, $UNIK is cross-blockchain and circulates from network to network using bridges. The crypto-account also can be qualified as a Crypto Wallet.
Unikname Wallet

Private Accounts on external website

So, the UniknameID is the key to managing ONE crypto-account on the Unikname Network blockchain. But outside of the network, it gives you the capacity  to manage MANY private accounts (e.g on traditional platforms).
When a user logs into a website with Unikname Connect, they enter their UniknameID but it is the only place where the UniknameID circulates.

1 – Unikname Connect Protocol

The Unikname Connect Protocol doesn’t need personal information to allow connections. When users enter their UniknameID, the value is immediately obfustated in the user’s browser and never leaves the user’s device.
A connection request is then sent to the Unikname server and, thanks to cryptographic mechanisms, only the UniknameID owner’s app is capable of fetching it.
After the user confirmation, the Unikname Connect Protocol sends an authentication package to the website. It does not contain user credentials but an anonymous login ID. This identifier is neither the UniknameID nor its obfuscated value. It is based on this information but with an additional website-specific data mixed in to make it unique for each user / website couple.
The connection id is the only data transmitted to the website by Unikname Connect Protocol by default, and it is completely anonymous. No one can extract personal information from this data or go back to the associated UniknameID or its owner.

2 – What makes an account a private account ?

Sign-in and Sign-up follow the same process. In any case, Unikname Connect only uses the connection id to connect a user to a platform. That is why accounts on websites don’t have access to the UniknameID nor any other personal information. They are called private accounts.
It is particularly visible with Botcrypto accounts, one of the first Unikname partner, that only the anonymous id is used.
Some platforms require more information about their users and request a username or an email for example. Those requests are never coming from the Unikname Connect Protocol. Unikname Connect only does the authentication part and gives the website the minimum data they need to create accounts. If they need more information to work, it is their responsibility. An upcoming Unikname Connect protocol extension will let users share more information with websites requesting them, on a voluntary basis, with high sharing accuracy (share only the requested data and nothing more, use a specific email address for a specific website, or fill in website-specific information,…).
To integrate Unikname Connect there are turnkey plugins, discourse or wordpress. Platforms can choose the information they require for their Sign-up. For example, email is optional on the Unikname Forum. If a user does not wish to share their email, a fake one is generated.

3 – The choice of trust

By using Unikname Connect for authentication on web platforms, users get guarantees on their privacy and their account security. Indeed, Unikname Connect is a live solution, in production since May the 4th 2020, and has been successfully audited in June 2021. Unikname Network, which secures the crypto-accounts, has also been successfully audited as well, and has been released as Open Source. The technical authentication solution is a real safe choice.
Of course, linking all of your accounts to one identifier can be stressful, because of the «putting all your eggs in the same basket» effect. But the UniknameID is strongly secured by the crypto-account and resistant to classic identifiers attacks.
In case of doubt, it is always possible, at any time, to revoke all access to an UniknameID thanks to its Cosmic Nonce. Just like cats, UniknameID can have multiple lives ! The Cosmic Nonce of a UniknameID is a system property, corresponding to the number of lives already passed for an identifier. When a user increases its UniknameID’s Cosmic Nonce, all accesses linked to this UniknameID are revoked and a new decentralized life begins.


With one decentralized identifier, the UniknameID, users are able to manage many private accounts, without transmitting personal information. This innovation is made possible by an audited protocol: Unikname Connect, and an audited decentralized infrastructure: Unikname Network.
Can’t wait to experience it yourself ? Try a connection with one of our partners!