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UNS Core 5.0 on SANDBOX Network

20 March 2020 | Cybersecurity, News

Laurent Lourenco

New Release: UNS Core 5.0 🚀

On March 24, 2020, the new version 5.0 of UNS Core is released!

This version is a major update for the community since it introduces the token economy of the uns.network blockchain!

On this post we will see three items:

  1. 🗒 Release Note
  2. ⛓ Blockchain reset ️
  3. ❗️❓ ️What do I have to do if I’m a Network Player?

    🗒 Release Note

    Winter is ending, and UNS Token eco is coming!

    ​We are happy to expose the implementation of our uns.network token economy!

    The main concept is: UNS supply is proportional to the @unikname amount.

    To do that, each time a @unikname becomes Alive (see Life Cycle Status), it is considered as a mature enough network user. At this time 100 UNS are created:

    • 89 UNS for UNS.Foundation. This foundation will distribute tokens to the services in need;
    • 10 UNS for the @unikname crypto-account;
    • 1 UNS for the block’s forger, fees.

    From now, UNS are needed to create new @unikname, and prices are referenced here.

    The only way not to pay services is to get a new @unikname in the My Unikname application or use a coupon. But for now, coupons are only available in the My Unikname application.

    Key concepts

    All key concepts, like badges that you already knew, are described on docs.uns.network.

    We introduced two new concepts Life Cycle and Pattern.

    Life Cycle

    Your @unikname life cycle status determines how mature your @unikname is.
    More information 👉 http://docs.uns.network/uns-network-key-concepts/#life-cycle-status

    @unikname Pattern

    The second new concept is the pattern. It determines the price for @unikname creation.
    More details 👉 https://docs.uns.network/uns-network-key-concepts/#pattern-of-ids

    ⛓ Blockchain reset

    For the launch of the economy token, we need to start from scratch. We’ll start again from block 0 (genesis) and then restart the network.

    This will result in the loss of all existing @unikname. Yes, you will be asked to redo this step.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any other solution, and this is the only way to really test this token economy. The SANDBOX is a test network and operations of this kind are possible when the need arises.

    Nevertheless, all will not be lost! Indeed, the crypto-accounts will be preserved in spite of the reset! Your public/private keys and passphrases will always be correct. We will, during the week, list all active wallets to automatically distribute UNS tokens to them when 5.0.0 is launched.

    This way, you will be able to directly recreate your @unikname via the CLI! Without needing to claim UNS tokens. To be more precise, we will send to every crypto account the amount required to create an @unikname of at least 5 characters.

    The opportunity to change your name if you don’t like the old one? 😁

    ❗️❓ What do I have to do if I’m a Network Player?

    1. I read this message before the update 😁

    To help us upgrading easily the SANDBOX test network, we’ll need you to stop your node before Monday ( March 23, 2020 ).

    Then, wait for more information from us. If all goes well, you should be able to raise as early as Tuesday ( March 24, 2020 ).

    2. I’m not a delegate and I don’t have a node… What can I do? 😰

    No worry, you can join our delegates right now!
    Just follow the Becoming a uns.network Player documentation to become one of us! 🙂

    3. I’m a delegate and I didn’t read this message… What can I do? 😱

    Launch these commands:

    $ docker-compose down -v
    $ docker-compose pull # Docker tag is still ‘sandbox’ despite 5.0.x
    $ docker-compose up -d

    And… activate your forum notifications! 🙂

    Other products updates

    UNS CLI 3.0.0

    Use your @unikname or your unikid indifferently, by passing it as an argument instead of a flag.

    For exemple, to read a UNIK, juste try : uns unik:read @bob -n sandbox

    To see changes for all command, go on https://docs.uns.network/uns-use-the-network/cli.html or read the CLI release note.


    In the explorer, it is now possible to look for a UNIK page by searching with its @unikname! You juste have to precise type if it is not individual. Example : @bob if @bob type is individual, @organization:bob or @2:bob otherwise.

    There’s other evolutions in the explorer, but go on it, and look them up. 🙂

    This article was originally posted on the Unikname forum. You can go there to interact with us and follow updates!

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