The Unikname network of partners

The online service platforms


The easiest way to create your trading bots


Collection Cards dedicated to the universe of Blockchain


The platform that allows to manage your short links


Trading platform that detects the best investment opportunities

Available soon


Platform that connects musicians and singers who live near you

Available soon

Give your viewers the alternative of connection in integrating the Unikname Connect plugin!

The WordPress web agencies


The international web agency specialized in creating your WordPress website

Available soon


The digital agency dedicated to developing your customized WordPress site

Available soon

Install the Unikname Connect plugin on your website and protect your business against piracy!

The discussion of Forums


The forum dedicated to exchanges around the evolution of the Unikname Connect solution


Space of discussion about technology and gaming that manages by Korben

Install the Discourse plugin on your online forum and offer your users another way to log in!