Product Development Update – The 13th Edition

2 April 2021 | Cybersecurity, News

Guillaume Nicolas


Welcome to the 13th edition

Every month we share a short summary of what happened during the last four weeks in the Unikname and ecosystems with our community.

April Fool’s day easter egg 🐰🥚

This year, we took the time to create a special event to gather our community around a worldwide famous holiday.
We’ve created a nearly unique badge that you can hitch to your beloved @unikname. It’s “nearly” because this badge can be claimed by anyone for a limited period of time. After that, badge production will be stopped and only a small group of community members will be able to proudly expose their “I was there” trophy.
But there is more. We wanted to reward public claiming efforts.

OVH is on fire 🔥

During the night of March 10th to 11th, OVH, the leading French cloud provider, burst into flames. One of its four data-center based in Strasbourg (France) has been wrecked. Luckily, and with the remarkable work of the firefighters, three others have been preserved. Despite that, many companies worldwide have been affected and millions of online services were down. Worse, some of OVH clients have had their data and configs destroyed. This data is now officially unrecoverable. Except for clients with a backup or replication service subscription.


Even ecosystem has been affected by this event downing one of our delegate nodes. But after several hours, the network is back to 100% capacity. It’s another proof of decentralization’s resiliency. Delegates are spread around the world and use their own technical architecture to get an up and forging node.


One of Unikname’s partner was impacted as well. Korben, popular French tech blogger, lost his forum. Korben became a partner after promoting Unikname Connect solution to his community and integrating the revolutionary authentication solution on his forum. Korben made fun of this saying on Twitter “there’s no better time to test your backups”.


At Unikname, every product is backuped. For example we use Scaleway Cold Storage to regularly save community posts.

Unikname Connect dashboard is on [🔴]

This month has revealed the newborn Unikname Connect dashboard.
We work hard to make your user life easier. We wanted to offer you a simpler way to integrate the “connect with @unikname” blue button into your website.
Before that, you had to contact us and wait for our setup instructions. It was rough. Now, after sign-in with your personal @unikname, you will be able to initiate the setup of your professional Unikname Connect account. It’s the first step to reach the oh so powerful connection button.

We have even customized it for the “easter egg” event 🤗. We have made the choice for this new project to re-use the same working and efficient frameworks than for My Unikname App. We are convinced that Quasar provides very powerful ready-to-use VueJS components for the browser. And of course, we still use typescript as our main language. Our backend is built with NestJS (a framework on top of NodeJS) and we use mongodb to store user accounts.

We’ve completed our monthly open-source contribution challenge, pushing a pull-request to migrate-mongo library. A very useful feature was missing : be able to finely control database migration scripts applications and rollbacks. The main goal is to offer better and reliable product releases without service downtime.
You’re invited to visit to start your Unikname Connect journey.

UNS typescript sdk is now OPEN-SOURCE 📖

Two years after the creation of the @uns/ts-sdk project, UNS developers decided to move forward and open source it.
The SDK was born after using Unikname/UNS core feature across several products:
We’ve centralized these utility functions into a common and shared library.
Among these features there are :
        • http api wrapper
        • constants
        • UNIK mint and update processes
        • voting process
        • and so on…
After making it publicly accessible through npm registry, we’ve reached another milestone which will be very helpful in community- and partners-shared projects. Maintaining together the vision to build better and safer products.


Another successful webinar trilogy 🎥

To introduce you to our products in a more interactive way, we’ve decided to organize webinars.
During the month of March, 3 new topics have been explored:


2FA / passwordless / openId connect / oauth2.0 / plugins nextcloud, WordPress, woocomerce,..
plugins WordPress / cloud provider / WordPress hack tips
blockchain / decentralized-identifier / pwa 


For now we’ve only presented in our native language (French). But we plan to do the same in a more worldly language (English).


Feel free to tell us which topics you would love to ear and learn.