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My Unikname App

The App that respects and protects your data when you log into websites


Untraceable, the connection remains private. You keep control of your digital identity


Up to date the security standards and with the strong authentication, your account is secure


Using your @unikname to log into websites, you earn rewards for each connection 

European Alternative to social connections

How does it work?

My Unikname App works with the Unikname Connect plugin, installed on the website that you want to sign-in

Click on the button “Register with Unikname” and enter your @unikname

You receive a notification indicating “Connection request” in the app – Confirm and it’s done!

Navigate to the platform with complete peace of mind.

The key features

No password, no e-mail, you manage your online accounts in the Unikname App


Take advantage of multiple factors about your authentication that insures the connection untraceability

Multiple identifiers

Manage several identifiers depending your needs and your aims


Controle your digital identity in managing your private data and share it with your friends


Through the use of your app, access to most privileges in wining trust badges


Access to private discounts to websites that installed the Unikname Connect button


Manage your UNS tokens in the app  and access to more rewards

Install My Unikname App

Have you not found the app in stores?

No worries! My Unikname App is a Progress Web App (PWA) availables for Android and iOS: