My Unikname App

Extend your success with a Mobile App built with ready-to-used features for decentralized identifiers

Unikname Decentralized Application

My Unikname App

The web application specialized in Unikname self-sovereign identifier management

The Next-Gen Web Application

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Light and fast, My Unikname App can be installed on smartphone (iOS and Android) from any web browser in offering a personalized onboarding

Réseau décentralisé
Plateforme Unikname Modulaire

Integrated Wallet Option

NFT Tokens Management Native Feature

The Application allows to manage Unikname Decentralized Identifiers (NFT Tokens) in a simple and secure way

Custom your DApp

Ready-to-ship feature modules or custom developments

Key Features

Select the feature sets that better suits you


Properties Management

Private and confidential data linked to an identifier

Access Management

Roles and rights assigned to an identifier

Private History

Browsing and connection history reported in the private app


Private Chat

Confidential exchange secured by a chat tool availables in the app


Custom Development

Custom development services to integrate into your own web app

Personalized User Onboarding Experience

Feel free to make the best way to onboard your users

Set Up The Installation Step

Make a user-friendly experience with a custom application installation process

Design your DApp

Ability to set custom colors and styles for making your app unique