Limited Edition – 25 Unikname Crypto Cards offered by Cryptomaniac

6 October 2021 | News

Charlène Demaret

Unikname Crypto Card

As announced in the last blog post, Unikname has launched its $UNIK Token Sale! If you are interested in participating in the event, find out all the information about the conditions here. To celebrate the opening of the $UNIK Token Sale, in partnership with Cryptomaniac, we are launching a limited edition of crypto cards!

Unikname Crypto Card

As a reminder, Cryptomaniac is one of Unikname’s partners, providing collection cards dedicated to the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Cryptomaniac is the best online shop to get your own Crypto Card. You can get your personalized card in two ways: already printed or as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) – And why not both! A good deal for all crypto fans. Realized by an artist, its handmade creations are approved by crypto-influencers such as: @VitalikButerin – @SatoshiLite – @hodlonaut @zooko – @PowerHasheur, etc.

More information about Cryptomaniac here.

25 Packs available – Physical card + NFT

From today (06.10.2021) at 21:30 CET, some of you will get the chance to be offered the limited crypto card of Unikname made in Cryptomaniac. The Unikname card is available in two versions: physical collector card and digital (NFT). Only 25 copies of the Unikname card will be given, so hurry up before they’re all gone!

Unikname Limited Crypto Card

Unikname Crypto Card – Limited Edition

The Unikname card depicts the Decentralized Identity World. Take advantage of the Unikname card to get your eternal and universal UniknameID (NFT).

The Unikname identifier holds big powers and infinite capabilities! You will be able to login anonymously to the partner websites – share confidential data with your friends – get token rewards, and more again.

The 25 next purchasers having placed an order to get a physical crypto card on will be offered the Unikname limited card in its both version (physical and NFT) for free. The NFT card will be sent on the ETH wallet address of the buyer.

Premium Regular UniknameID NFT offered

In addition, Unikname would like to offer one more NFT! As a result of the order, Cryptomaniac will send a coupon code to get a Premium Regular UniknameID (NFT), usually chargeable, to the first 25 buyers.

A Premium Regular UniknameID is a short pseudonym (between 10 and 14 characters) which can be used for accessing Decentralized Identity Services such as the authentication in a single step (Unikname Connect).

The Unikname identifiers are managed from My Unikname App (DApp and crypto-account) getting access to several self-sovereign identity features.

Unikname Identifier

The promotional operation aims to thank the Unikname crypto-users for their support and to reward the community of Cryptomaniac as well. In fact, they participe to make the internet trustful and safer by favoring a system respectful of privacy as Unikname Connect is. Offering this Unikname card in limited edition is symbolic and wants to make everyone become aware about privacy.

If you did not get the chance to get your own card, no worries! Another Unikname card will be available permanently and unlimited on the Cryptomaniac shop in both versions (physical and digital). Follow the Twitter account of Cryptomaniac to not miss the opportunity to get one!