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Privacy Policy

The Unikname App is designed to not know who you are, or what sites you visit. Our company does not store any record of user’s connection history. The log of connections is only recorded by the Unikname App on the local storage of the user’s device (e.g. smartphone). The blockchain does not contains any trace of visited websites.
In this policy “we”, “us”, etc. refers to Space Elephant SAS, while “Unikname” refers to the Unikname solutions: Unikname Connect and my.unikname App.
Read further to understand how the Unikname solutions use data.

What do we mean by “personal information?”

Data are personal if they can single a person out (on their own or in combination with other data), without an unlikely degree of effort or expense or technological development. The GDPR definition of “personal data” includes any data that can indirectly contribute to singling out an individual, including unique IDs codes, certain types of IP addresses, and encrypted data that one can decrypt without disproportionate effort. But data that are entirely impossible to access are not personal. As an individual Unikname user, “personal information” means information which identifies you like your human-readable @unikname, the encoded ID of your @unikname, your email address or your phone number.
It is however important to remember that we never need nor ask for your real name. Nobody knows if the @unikname @john-smith belongs to the real john smith. Your @unikname is always considered as a pseudonym.

How do we learn “personal information” about users?

We only learn information about users when they decide to add their information in their Unikname App.

What do we do with the information once we have it ?


The human-readable @unikname you’ve chosen is obfuscated and recorded within a blockchain. Nobody can decrypt it without a disproportionate effort, unless you’ve decided to disclosed it.
When you use your @unikname to authenticate to the website of a service provider with your Device (e.g. your smartphone), the obfuscated form of your @unikname is used to trigger a connection request on the Authentication server and to your Unikname App. This information is automatically and permanently deleted from the server in the following seconds. The server keeps a fully anonymized log of this request as a proof for billing the service provider. Your email address or your phone number are optional. They are encrypted and stored within your device. We can not access it, in any way. If you need to use it during a sign-up process to a website, these informations are directly transmitted from your device to the website. You may decide to share your email or your phone number to keep in touch with us. In that case we keep this information into our marketing database, but without your @unikname.
A @unikname user may decide to use his private registry or his blockchain registry to store information. Your private registry is private by definition and related data are stored on your own device. Nobody can access it except yourself. By opposition the blockchain registry of a @unikname is public. You may decide to encrypt information before to store informations within the blockchain.

Your IP address is anonymised and required to block some cyberattacks. Furthermore this IP address is not linked with your @unikname. Remember that we’ll never need to ask for your real name. Nobody knows if the @unikname @john-smith belongs to John Smith. Your @unikname is always considered as a pseudonym.


When do we share your information with others?

The only time the Unikname App shares your information is when you sign-up or sign-in to the website of a service provider using Unikname Connect. But again your @unikname himself is not shared.

How do we store and protect your personal information?

As described here above, your personal informations are either store encrypted on your own device within the Unikname App, or within the blockchain. In addition, all communications are encrypted.

Security & Updates

Unikname App automatically checks with us for updates. This ensures that you always have access to the latest security fixes. We count the number and type of these requests when we receive them to produce aggregate statistics. No particular person’s information can be identified in the statistics we produce.

Privacy Preserving Product Analytics

The Unikname App sends us anonymous reports to alert us to product problems and necessary improvements. None of the information it reports harms your privacy. The report only describes general use of the App, such as a general range of how many time features are used. These reports are stripped of metadata, and aggregated with measurements reported by many other instances of Unikname App. The data are not personal, and cannot be combined to identify you. You can deactivate Privacy-Preserving Product Analytics in Settings.

Dev, and Beta App versions

Dev, and Beta versions of the Unikname App are experimental previews of new Unikname App versions. They allow us to test new features so that we can find and fix errors before releasing a new version of the Unikname App. These test versions of the App may automatically send crash reports to us so that we can identify and fix problems. A crash report can contain personal information. You can switch off “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Unikname” in settings.

UNIK Credits

With your @unikname you are assigned a “wallet” public address. blockchain protocol is able to automatically send you UNIK Credits (UNIK Tokens) to your personal public address when your @unikname become alive. This is automatic and this can not be deactivated. You can also claim rewards which take the form of UNIK Credits (UNIK tokens) when your Unikname App has determined that you’re eligible for a reward. It’s up to your decision to claim these rewards. Every rewards is recorded within the blockchain.

Privacy Policy Hub Extension

Some personal data are collected from the Unikname Network Hub. These are:
– the first and last name of the users who subscribe to the Whitelist, their e-mail address and their country
of residence;
This information is collected in order to communicate with users during events related to the sale of
$UNIK tokens and commercial operations related to the token. They also make it possible to filter out
inscriptions from users residing in countries that do not permit to participate in token sales.
– The first name, the last name, and the e-mail address of users creating an account on the Unikname
Network Hub, as well as technical identifiers linked to the Whitelist, to their sponsor in case of an
affiliation, and to their affiliation link;
This information is collected to enable the operation of the Unikname Network Hub affiliation system, as
well as communication on events related to the sale of $UNIK tokens and commercial operations related
to the token.
All of these data can also be used to manage users’ requests and complaints.
Finally, personal data can be freely communicated to the company by users via emails or other forms of
communication. That data can be used to answer requests, questions, or to enforce the application of legal

In accordance with national and European regulations, users have the right to access, rectify, erase,
oppose, transfer, and limit the treatment of information that concerns them.

Contacting Unikname about your privacy

We are always interested in hearing and responding to questions and concerns at More in-depth conversations can be had at