Gaming with Unikname – Episode 1: Never lose your XP

11 October 2021 | Authentication, Gaming, News

Juliette Mégret

Unikname Connect successfully audited by Vaadata

Since 2011 and the PlayStation Network hack, the gaming ecosystem has suffered many cyber attacks. With the COVID-19 crisis, and the massive and abrupt augmentation of gamers, the frequency of attacks has increased again.

Authentication systems are still a weakness for web platforms and hosted data (identity data, banking information…). Customers gamble on personal data leaks and/or lose access to their accounts. Imagine the disappointment after hours of XP farming. Website owners are heavily impacted as well, as much as their users. But good news, there is a next-gen Authentication – 2FA Single Step – Password-less Login: Unikname Connect.

Unikname Connect to make internet a safer place

Unikname Connect is an authentication system which guarantees a safe passwordless connection. Based on tried-and-tested standards like OAUTH2 and OpenID connect, the protocol has passed an audit step with flying colours.

Very easy to use, users simply enter their UniknameID on the Unikname Connect authentication prompt, the same for each platform, then receive a notification on their My Unikname App. After confirmation login is done ! No password is needed, no secrets are circulated, connection is strictly anonymous and completely safe.

Privacy and Control

Running since May the 4th, 2020 Unikname Connect is already deployed on many platforms and already usable. Today, only classic websites have installed the solution, but it can be used on any platform type: classic website, Smartphone App, games console…

An ideal solution for Gamers

Gamers often login to many platforms: Steam, DLGamer, EA Store, Epic Game Sotre, GoG,… or maybe BGA for board games. Multiple accounts means multiple credentials.

SSI Security

Some websites use social login to get around this problem, but it introduced another: centralization. Firstly, passwords are not suppressed, there is still one, which all others depend on, stored in a central server. Resulting is a honeypot  with dramatical effect, like in 2021 with the massive facebook data breach. Secondly, users make the gift of their personal data to GAFAM, sometimes even without knowing it, to third parties which will make business with it.

With Unikname, users keep control of their data, only stored in their App and never shared without their explicit consent. Thanks to the Unikname Network, the protocol is built on a decentralized ecosystem which guarantees a dispersion of the threat and a high availability of the solution.

They can just use one pseudo, the UniknameID, to login on all their accounts and be sure that they will never be hacked. Character XP and earned equipment have never been so safe!

To go further

We saw that UniknameID is a “magic” Id, to authenticate in a few seconds without risks of losing its access to related gaming platforms. But a UniknameID is much more than that.

Like many digital art or gaming assets, UniknameID exists on a blockchain, the Unikname Network, thanks to a NFT: the UNIKNAME token. When users get UniknameID, they also get a UNIKNAME, a record on Unikname Network that identifies them as the owner of that decentralized Id.

It’s possible to attach other NFTs to the UNIKNAME token, like NFTs of lands and assets from games like Sorare, Axie Infinity or Upland… but that is another story 😉.

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