Answers to questions about the Unikname Connect solution

What happens if the user loses his smartphone?

When configuring the My Unikname application installed on his smartphone, the user is prompted to save his secret key to a different space than his phone. This way, in case of breakage, theft or loss of the smartphone, your user will be able to retrieve his @unikname thanks to his secret key.

What happens if my online platform is hacked?

In the event that your online platform is attacked, the hacker will not have access to your users’ passwords, since there are no passwords at all. They will also not be able to use your users’ identifiers (@unikname and PIN code) to connect to another platform.

What do you do with user data?

We do not use any personal information and do not keep any trace of the connection history. We have no economic incentive to do so since our business model is not based on trading user data. All users’ data are securely stored within the dedicated My Unikname application.

For more information about Personal Data use by Unikname, you can read our Privacy Policy.

What is the difference between Unikname Connect and a standard authentication solution? (email + password)

The difference between Unikname Connect and existing market solutions is that Unikname Connect is a strong authentication protocol. The other particularity of the solution is the user experience. Simple, fast and private, Unikname Connect saves your users from having to enter their email address or create a new password for the umpteenth time. A godsend in a world where the average user has 191 passwords.

Can I combine Unikname Connect with an authentication solution already implemented on my site?

Absolutely. Unikname Connect can be combined with the authentication solution of your choice. However, your users’ connections will only remain confidential if they connect with the Unikname Connect solution. As far as your company is concerned, we suggest that you do not implement a third party authorization tool (Facebook Connect, Github Connect…) on your website unless you agree with the fact that this third party collects additional data about your company and your users.

What is the difference between Unikname Connect for businesses and My Unikname App for users?

Unikname Connect is the web extension that you integrate on your online platform in order to offer a connection alternative to your users and to ensure the protection of your customer files.

My Unikname App is the application installed on your users’ smartphone that allows them to log in with one click without a password and in complete security. Each user has an @unikname, a unique, universal and self-sustaining identifier.

As a company, you need to create a company account, which means creating the @unikname that will be attached to the domain name of your online platform. At the same time, you have the possibility to use your @unikname to log in as administrator to the back office of your online platform.

Why choose an authentication solution maintained by Blockchain technology?

The Blockchain allows users to have greater control over their own digital identity. The growing number of hacking and data security breaches proves that cyber security is still not a standard for all businesses.

Implementing a third-party authentication solution may expose companies to a greater risk of data theft. Decentralized Blockchain technology is therefore the best alternative, which is why we decided to build Unikname Connect on our own Blockchain technology (uns.network).

How do I integrate Unikname Connect on my site?

Unikname Connect easily integrates your website, online platform, forum or application in minutes. Take a look at our developer page where you will find all the information about our SDK and API.