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Unikname Connect

The next-gen authentication plugin for enterprises 

Secure your website accounts with the next-gen authentication


You keep complete control of your data without risk of being spied or hacked


Unikname is based on the highest standards of authentication protocols


Your users log into your website privately with their dedicated app

Unikname Connect makes difference

Self-Sovereign Identifier

Unique identifier that belongs to you for life and allows you to log into any website in confidence

Decentralized solution

Unikname is an authentication solution secured by UNS Network’ blockchain governed with 23 delegates

Strong privacy

Unikname protects your business against industrial espionage and data theft through an untraceable connection

Dedicated app

Double factor strong authentication that works with a dedicated app in your smartphone

No tracking

Neither Unikname nor any tracking system can have access to data details, list of contacts or connection history

Made in Europe

The Unikname solution is made in France – the respectful alternative to American web giant’s solutions

Ready to try?

Take advantage of the Discovery plan to try the Unikname Connect plugin to your website!

Easy as 1-2-3

Click on the « Unikname » button to log into your website and enter your Unikname ID,

In the dedicated app, confirm the connection,

All done, you are connected!

Need help?

Go to the Unikname Help Center!

Use cases

Secure and protect my back office access’ website

Protect your website against industrial espionage and data theft to preserve your business, by installing the next-gen authentication solution.

Use a single ID to access and manage all my online accounts

Manage your online accounts in a simple way by logging into your websites with your unique ID. No longer risk losing your access!

Provide your users an ethical alternative to log into your website

Improve trust with your customers by providing an alternative connection that allows them to register privately and control their digital identity.