Unikname Connect

The next-gen authentication plugin 

Easy as 1-2-3

Your user clicks on the “Log in with Unikname” button bellow the connection form. He enters his @unikname in the relevant field and that’s it!

Your user receives a notification indicating “Connection request” in the app. He confirms and it’s done!

Once the connection has been confirmed, your user navigates on your platform with complete peace of mind.

European alternative to GAFAM connections solutions

An improved customer experience is a significant factor in efficiency and brand equity. Deliver the highest quality customer experience through the next-gen authentication: easy, secure and private.


You keep full control of your data and the gathering information. Unikname Connect carries out only at the sign-up and login steps!


Your users’ information are stored in their dedicated app and directly shared with your platform under their control. Unikname never has access to it!


Unikname is based on the blockchain uns.network governed and secured by 23 independent actors, and relies on most secured authentication protocol standards.

Want to try it?

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