Unikname Connect, the European alternative to social sign-in solutions

4 June 2020 | Authentication, Cybersecurity

Charlène Demaret

Many of us have gotten used to connecting to our favorite websites with a single click. The buttons offered by the web giants are very convenient for this. Even though most of us are aware that these companies exploit our personal data and do not hesitate to market them.

But what if you could register yourself in a single click without being profiled? This is the challenge we have taken on with Unikname. It’s a daring gamble, but it’s not an unrealistic one.

Its cardinal value? Confidentiality and privacy. The main stake? To offer a secure, simple, and quick authentication solution.

Who is Unikname?

Unikname is a Nantes-based (France) start-up born of one desire: to offer an ethical alternative to the authentication solutions offered by the big enterprises. You must know them, they are all those Facebook or LinkedIn buttons, that let you quickly authentify yourself almost everywhere.

Unikname Connect offers a European solution radically opposed to the model of the American giants. Its cardinal value? Confidentiality and privacy. The main stake? To offer a secure, simple, and quick authentication solution. An authentication solution that meets the challenges of cybersecurity, combats the hacking of our web accounts, and industrial espionage.

The Unikname Connect solution takes the form of a simple button and an anonymous and universal identifier, allowing you to connect to any website without leaving any trace.

Connect everywhere with a unique identifier

Unikname Connect works in a simple way: you have a unique identifier and a PIN code that allows you to unlock the connection through the My Unikname application. You no longer need to juggle dozens of identifiers, or use a password manager.

It took two years of research and development to create a perfectly secure solution. Unikname relies on its own blockchain, created to combine security and flexibility, and governed by 26 independent European players.

Accessing your online mailbox, your cryptocurrency exchange platforms, connecting to your favorite social media accounts, or shopping on any e-commerce platform: with Unikname Connect you can authenticate yourself on any web service. In one click, always. In complete confidentiality.

Unikname Connect : the solution against hacking

Cybersecurity is a major issue. A few figures make this abundantly clear:

  • One out of every two companies has already been hacked;
  • LinkedIn, or Facebook services are affected by several thousand security breaches every year.

The most common forms of hacking are outright theft of identifiers, spying on a company’s Wifi connection and, above all, phishing, when fraudsters pretend to be a given company in order to obtain the contact details of its users.

This is an important matter for companies but it should also concern you. And for good reason : Hackers are especially after your data, the data you provide to companies to log on. Most of us have already had the bitter experience of being hacked. Maybe you have.

Because of the security breaches in the platforms we use, almost all of us have an email address lying around somewhere in the Dark web, or at the bottom of a database, in a hacker’s digital drawer.

To deal with this situation, Unikname has developed a solution that incorporates phishing protection. A hacker will never be able to use a @unikname identifier on a malicious website. Additionaly, no one will ever be able to link a @unikname to information shared by a user on a website or application, thus protecting users’ connections.

Browse privately and anonymously

It is no secret that the American giants know a lot about our interests, habits, behaviors, and more generally about our private life.

Without giving in to paranoia by imagining that someone is scrutinizing in detail what each of us does on a daily basis, this still raises serious questions:

  • In terms of privacy, as the American giants collect certain information about us that we don’t even share with our loved ones;
  • In terms of confidentiality, as our behaviors are analyzed, and the data sold to the highest bidders.

Unikname Connect has therefore chosen to take the opposite approach, and to guarantee to all its users:

  • An unmatched level of confidentiality: you can browse serenely, in a truly private and anonymous fashion;
  • An authentication that combines simplicity and security, based on the blockchain technology.

The security of online connections is of growing concern to users who want to browse serenely, which is why Unikname Connect was created. A true European alternative to the solutions of the American web giants, and the only one-click authentication solution that is secure and respectful of user connections.