E-commerce: Is converting more users by choosing your authentication possible?

16 October 2020 | Authentication, Tips

Charlène Demaret


E-commerce market

Today more and more businesses, entrepreneurs and even SaaS solutions are choosing the internet to develop their business. To stand out, a lot of energy is spent on creating an original graphical interface, a clean design, a thoughtful UX from start to finish to ensure the smoothest possible user experience…

Promotional and targeted methods are also in the priorities of these online platforms but beyond these commercial techniques learned in all business schools, there remains an element that is often wrongly overlooked : the user account authentication stepCompanies in the online market tend to forget and abandon it, but authentication is an integral part of the user experience. If you doubted it, implementing a particular authentication model is a strategic choice, which can sometimes reveal the ethics of your company… Why is this step so important? We will explain everything to you!

Authentication, what are we talking about?

An essential step when a visitor decides to access his online ordering space, its definition according to Cambridge is as follows:

The process of proving that something is real or true

In the context of the e-commerce sector, to see all the items added to the basket and go to the payment stage, the user must first log into their online space. This connection step is called: authentication. At this precise moment, the user makes an to the e-commerce site, which confirms the user’s identity through the data he shares with the platform.

The most common process is the combination of an email address combined with a password, but in recent years we have seen the emergence of social buttons like: Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn Connect. With one click, authorization to a third-party service is given and authentication takes place. Intuitive and practical, the connection buttons offered by the web giants have made their place in the authentication market.

But do they amply meet the demand of users today? And are there alternative solutions that are more respectful of user data?

Users privacy

The connection alternatives mentioned above, although fast and efficient, have a major flaw: confidentiality. Indeed, during a connection via the button “Connect with…” for example, this last collects the data of navigation not by the means of cookies but well by the agreement given during the connection with their method of authentication. These datas are then sold to other companies for advertising purposes

The risk that these alternative connections represent is alarming for online businesses, which risk being spied on as well as for users whose Web giants know everything about them and exploit their private information.

These practices raise the question of the degree of confidentiality with which our information is treated on the internet, which has now become central to the decisions companies make when creating a new service.

The one of the most famous search engine is not the only one, and these days few are those and those who are not aware of these practices on behalf of American giants. It is for this reason that users have gradually lost trust in these actors and are starting to look for ways to keep their online identities secure.

Concerned about this security, Internet users have become attentive to the policy on the use of their personal data and to preserve this trust, companies must therefore seek new solutions. And not just any solution, be careful! Ideally, this should provide: the same level of ease of use, instant connection while ensuring data confidentiality. Seen like this, the challenge does not seem so simple…

How to answer it?

There are already many ways to conduct a user privacy policy: RGPD, reduction of emailing harassment, automatic destruction of data after a certain time, encryption of communications…

To achieve compliance with these stricter policies, companies must invest in software that is expensive to maintain. But is it enough to effectively convince users?

To solve online trust issues, blockchain offers transparent solutions to effectively guarantee user privacy.This is what Unikname offers thanks to its Unikname Connect plugin which interfaces with any environment of your online site.

This authentication method allows you to connect as easily as a “Facebook connect” but also helps to guarantee the security and integrity of personal data when browsing. A final farewell to the constantly forgotten password! For companies whose request for email is essential, no problem, since it can be requested during their purchase process, but no longer during their connection.

In addition to making life easier for users, Unikname does not trade personal data, as the protocol works peer-to-peer directly between the user’s smartphone and your website. So besides the fact that the solution does not require any password or email to be entered when authenticating the user, its major advantage lies in the fact that the connection is strictly private.

How does it works? When your user logs in, he has the option of authenticating himself via the Unikname button preinstalled on your website, he then enters his unique identifier (his @unikname) in the relevant field and that’s it! He receives a notification on his Unikname application installed in his smartphone, he confirms the connection with his biometric fingerprint or by entering his PIN code and instantly he enters your online space.

Businesses save time with the integration of a universal login plugin, on the other hand, users get an innovative, streamlined, secure authentication experience.

Beyond a simple connection alternative to those offered by large international companies, you benefit from visibility with users already won over by the Unikname solution and who are just waiting to consume on online platforms that have jumped not!


Authentication is an important step in the user journey. It is not as trivial as it looks and it contributes significantly not only to your website’s UX but also to your conversion rate.

Offering an ultra-secure solution (strong authentication), which is nevertheless as simple as a social sign-in, and which in addition guarantees a strictly private connection for your users is the promise of the solution Unikname Connect.

It costs nothing to try on your site, and your users will appreciate the innovative privacy choices you can offer them. An ideal way to set yourself apart from your competition and share the image of a company that cares about the privacy of its users.

The solution of simplicity sometimes makes the difference, if it is possible to maintain good relations with your community while attracting curious visitors, why deny it?