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Discover ClankApp – Partner that supports the Unikname Project

28 September 2021 | News

Charlène Demaret

Discover ClankApp - Partner that supports the Unikname Project

As you already know, Unikname is ready for the upcoming Token Sale! Stay tuned and don’t miss any Unikname’s announcements by joining our Telegram dedicated to the event. In this blog post, we are excited to announce that Unikname is supported by ClankApp.

In addition to announcing our partnership, we have good news to share with our community of users! You will log into the Clank website with your UniknameID very soon. Clank has decided to integrate our Decentralized Authentication solution on its website and enable the connection in a single step to its users. Stay tuned about that!

About ClankApp

ClankApp - Unikname Partner

ClankApp is an online service that allows you to track the largest transactions (also called whales) on more than 20 blockchains in real time. The service analyzes millions of transactions every day in order to provide the best data to its users. ClankApp aggregates millions of data everyday from different actors in the world of cryptocurrency.

Find out more information about ClankApp:

About Unikname

Unikname’s goal is to empower web solutions with Decentralized ID capabilities by leveraging blockchain innovation. Unikname is a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) platform relying on a specialized Blockchain with an up and running Livenet. The platform combines ready-to-use decentralized identity products and an integration framework.

Decentralized Identity enables new features to the services offered by companies, has the power of enhancing customer loyalty, providing trust and privacy to users and reinforcing cybersecurity at a lower cost. For example, the Unikname SSI Platform enables confidential data sharing, decentralized authentication, and certified operations… and many more. Our mission is to make the internet trustful and safer and to protect the new black gold of the 21st century: data.

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