Simplify and secure the subscribers registration to your forum


Based on the standard protocol OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect, Unikname Connect acts as DPKI (Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure)

Sovereign ID

Member of W3C and DIF, Unikname contributes to the design of the web3.0 SSID and next-generation authentication standards


Secured by the blockchain UNS Network maintained by 23 independent actors, the solution allows to provide decentralized identities

Unikname Connect

The next-gen authentication for Discourse

Untraceable and private connection in order to full trust

Instant forum registration with high level of security

Simplified strong authentication compared to traditional 2FA

Innovative user experience from sign-up to use

Unique ID that simplify the registration of your new subscribers

Seamless and secure registration path without email or password

Discourse forums trust us

Korben talks about Unikname!

Available registration

Key features

Simplified and innovative user interface

Compatible with authentication modes*

Customization of the user interface

*All authentication modes can be enabled all together or selectively

Rewarded users!

Users participe to make internet a safer place. Unikname encourages them to maximize connections with their @unikmane to win more UNS Tokens.

Key features

Compatible with predefined additional fields

Custom registration stage in forum colours

Alternative to social login buttons

Email option at the registration stage

Creation of your trust certificate

Unikname instance and reporting


Unikname works with your other authentication modes:

Are you ready to start?

FREE PLAN dedicated to discussion platforms!

Your dedicated Unikname instance will be coming soon! In the meantime, follow 5 simple steps to start installing the Discourse plugin:

Frequently asked questions

Who should use the Unikname Connect plugin?

The solution is intended for Discourse forum administrators, regardless of the size of the platform you manage! A large or small forum, Unikname Connect will facilitate and secure the user acess to your forum in a simple way.

If I need help, can you help me?

The Unikname support team is available to help you every step of the way! You can also benefit from dedicated support if you need it. Do you have a question? Ask it directly in our online chat or send us your request at

How does the plugin installation work?

Before starting the integration process for the Unikname Connect plugin on your WordPress environment, you have to follow these 5 configuration steps.

Do I need to be a developer to install the plugin?

Installing the Unikname Connect plugin for Discourse is very easy! Find all the information in the dedicated Discourse section.