Unikname ID

Unikname decentralized identifiers are based on digital self-sovereignty and comes with lot of advanced groundbreaking use-cases

Unikname Decentralized ID

Unikname decentralized identifier

Pseudonymous Unikname principles also known as Unikname ID

Self-sovereign identifier

Unikname decentralized identifiers are unique and tamper-proof

One or multiple Unikname identifiers can be owned by an individual, a company or smart object based on use-case. Owner is the only one to manage its identifier and to handle attached properties.

Réseau décentralisé
Plateforme Unikname Modulaire

Universal pseudonym

Easy to remember and use in your daily life

Unikname solution works without identity proofs (no KYC) to preserve user anonymity. A Unikname identifier can be a pseudo, a real name or anything.

Non-fungible token (NFT)

Universal and unique decentralized identifier

Like a serial number or a piece of art, Unikname identifier is a NFT that assure authenticity and uniqueness of a pseudonym, preventing its copy.

Token NFT Unikname
Plateforme Unikname Modulaire

Confidential digital identity

Put user back to the middle of its digital identity management

Unikname DID owner can use it in either on-chain or off-chain mode. Owner controls privacy level and share of their private by design data.

Spoofing attack protection

Identifiers are protected by SafeTypo© technology

Thanks to SafeTypo© algorithm, Unikname identifier is human-readable and can be safely shared without fear of a typosquatting attack.

Unikname ID anti-spoofing
Unikname ID Anti-squatting

Name squatting attack protection

Unikname identifiers have a fancy lifecycle management

At the core of decentralized identifier lifecycle management, name-squatting protections has been added by Unikname, mainly based on multiple activation steps and usage frequency.

Unique identifier with multiple use-cases

Discover how to make the most of a Unikname identifier


Replace email and password by a Unikname ID

Share data

Share and receive data in a more confidential and safer way

Certify data

Certify data, documents or events without KYC (Know-your-customer)

Sign document

Sign documents or any data with your decentralized identifier keys


Complete forms and participate in surveys anonymously with your Unikname ID

Control remotely

Give to your smart things (IoT) a tamper-prof Unikname identifier

Get rewards

Join groundbreaking fidelity programs with your identifier

Manage identifiers

Use multiple identifiers for multiple use-cases (private and public)