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The self-sovereign universal identifier by Unikname

The @unikname ID

A @unikname is a decentralized Identifier – It looks like a pseudonymous that may be a word, number, letter, symbol or any combination of those. This identifier is under the sole control of his owner, the only one to decide who can access data related to its identity.

The Unikname IDs are based on the Self-sovereign identity concept where only the user should own their digital identity data fully without intervention from a centralized third party.

What a @unikname ID is?

With your @unikname:

Log into partner websites

You need only your Unikname pseudo to sign-up Instantly and safety (no password or email anymore)

Manage your @unikname properties

In My Unikname App, you can disclose some public information about you

Keep control on your digital identify

Select personal informations that you agree to share with the community

Get special privileges

For registering to partner websites with your @unikname ID, you win special gifts!


Choose your @unikname ID that better suits you!


@unikname composed
of 15 characters and more

Example: @IamAshleyFromFrance


Premium Regular

@unikname composed
of 10 characters and more

Example: @AshleyFrance

5 €

Premium Short

@unikname composed
of 7 characters and more

Example: @Ashley44

50 €

Premium Rare

@unikname composed
of 4 characters and more

Exemple : @Bob30/@Ashley

500 €

Premium Tiny

@unikname composed
of 3 characters and more

Exemple : @123 /@AB9

5 000 €

Terms and conditions
The inviolable – self-sovereign and decentralized identifiers

The Unikname IDs are case-insensitive, impervious to accented characters, ignore separator characters, and are protected against typo errors and similar characters.

The price is an acquisition price, it depends on the alphabet used, the rarity of the name, determined by its length, and the desired retention time.

All Premium IDs (excluding Freemium) are created with 10 UNS tokens when activated from My Unikname App.

The standard retention time

Standard retention period: the acquirer retains ownership of its identifier for an unlimited period of time, provided that the identifier has been activated and is used regularly.

The “everlasting” option allows to remain owner without conditions and without risk of being reset and assigned to another acquirer.

Good to know

The Safetypo alphabet protects you from typosquatting. You can use all Latin characters, including accents, as well as the following separators: &'()*+-. _­ 

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Get your Premium @unikname ID

Send your nickname choice to the Unikname team by filling out the form bellow:

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The Unikname team will contact you by email to sharing the payment link

Following your purchase, you will receive your personal COUPON to get your @unikname ID from My Unikname App!

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