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Unikname Connect plugin

Decentralized Authentication

Take advantage of Blockchain UNS Network security to protect your web access from malicious intrusion attempts

Unikname Connect

For Web Developers already convinced by the blockchain values

Decentralized Identifiers provider

Providing Unikname IDs to replace the email and password

Strong 2FA Authentication for the Web

Based on standard OAuth2.0 and OIDC authentication protocols

Ensuring Hight Security and Availability

Fast running, The Unikname Blockchain offers high security at low cost

GDPR Privacy by Design requirements

GDPR Compliance, Unikname doesn’t collect data about users or their connections

Data Integrity Protection (Proof Of Retrievability)

Data Integrity Stamp concept aims to protect user’s data against hacks

Specialized Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS)

The UNS Network blockchain is maintained and secured by 23 independent actors

Secure ALL website access






Avoid hacking your web accounts with the Blockchain

For Web Admin

Strengthen security and facilitate the management of website fleet

Anti-phishing system
Multi-site management
Cross-platform compatibility

For Web Users

Making the login process easier for users by using a unique ID

Untraceable connection
Private login history
Property Management

Did you know?

times more hacking attempts since January 2020
By Zscaler


of hacks involve small corporate websites
By Sucuri


of websites analyzed have access security weakness
By PT Security


of users forget their password and reset it

Unikname Connect

The Best Authentication System
Secured by the Blockchain

Secure your web access with Unikname Connect

Unikname Connect system pre-installed on your website

Domain Name secured by The Unikname Trust Certificate

Decentralized ID for instant and secure registration

Authentication approval function in The Progressive Web App dedicated

Key Features

  • Decentralized Authentication
  • Untraceable connection
  • Customizing the login page
  • Self-Sovereign Identifier
  • Trust Certificate
  • Security Alerts
  • Cross-Platform compatibility
  • Option to disable password and email authentication for WordPress website
  • Multi-user mode
  • Multi-websites management

Authentication System integrated into your website

Quick and easy integration regardless of the web environment used

Your website secured with a Verified Trust Certificate

Trust Certificate attached to your web domain name


Log into your website with Decentralized ID

Replace email and password with a unique ID

Your Personal and Secure App

Enjoy several features about your Unikname ID from a dedicated Progressive Web App



Their words matter more than ours

Unikname proposed to offer our users the possibility to keep a control on their digital identity through a decentralized authentication solution. We did not hesitate a second!

Théo Poizat

Co-Founder, Botcrypto

We needed a secure solution to manage our website fleet. Unikname meets all our expectations and allows us to remain innovative in our proposed offers 

Yoann Lavernhe

CEO, Waïel Digital

Easy to use, Unikname facilitates my daily management of WordPress websites that I create and administer! I think that WordPress experts should vigorously use the solution today. 

Sonia Berteau

CEO, Forsane

Unikname brings us a lot of flexibility in all our projects thanks to the use of a secure and simple registration  (…)  and the multisite management feature that saves us a lot of time too.

Tri Nguyen

Project Manager, WP Team


Once you’re ready, Pay your Unikname Plan with UNS Tokens!

Don’t wait to protect your business by securing your admin and user accounts: