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Botcrypto launches a Limited Offer in partnership with Unikname

22 September 2021 | News

Charlène Demaret

Unikname Limited Offer in partnership with Botcrypto

To thank you for your support in the Unikname Project, we have prepared a surprise for you and specially for all the crypto fans out there!  As you already know, Botcrypto follows the Unikname project from the beginning and is now one of our privileged partners. It was also the first to integrate our single-step authentication system on its website. To celebrate our partnership and make the trading platform of Botcrypto known as it should, we are launching a limited offer! Hurry up! The operation will end on October 31, 2021.

Who is Botcrypto? Botcrypto is a no-code crypto trading bots platform allowing every trader to create crypto trading bots quickly and easily. You can automatically trade Bitcoin (BTC) – Ethereum (ETH) – Litecoin (LTC) and much more easily.

More information about Botcrypto: here.

2 Gifts with the voucher code: UNIK_BOTCRYPTO

Get a Premium UniknameID (NFT)

Unikname offers a coupon code for new Botcrypto users allowing them to get a *Premium Regular UniknameID (usually chargeable) to log into in a single step. A Premium Regular UniknameID is a short pseudonym (between 10 and 14 characters) which can be used for accessing to Decentralized Identity Services such as the authentication in a single step.

How to get it? Go to the and click on “Sign-up” and select “Create my UniknameID”. You will be taken to the installation page of My Unikname App. All you need is to follow the instructions to get your UniknameID. Need a short Unikname pseudonym? From the app, enter the coupon code UNIK_BOTCRYPTO to enjoy a Premium Regular UniknameID for free! Once your UniknameID is created successfully, wait for one day to make your identifier active and be able to use it.

Login to Botcrypto with Unikname

Take advantage of 14-days free trial to discover the Bronze Plan

Of course, you can already discover how the trading strategy works on the Botcrypto Platform for free, but with limited features. Here, we want to offer you the opportunity to make your trial more interesting by discovering a great feature of the platform, usually facturable. And maybe you could appreciate it!

This limited offer is only available for new customers using a UniknameID to register to By signing up to the Botcrypto website with the authentication system by Unikname, new customers take advantage of 14 days to enjoy the Bronze Plan for free! Thanks to this discount, users can set up two crypto trading bots on the markets.

To take advantage of this offer, all you need is log into Botcrypto website with your UniknameID – Go to “My Account” – Click on “Use a voucher” and enter UNIK_BOTCRYPTO (the same code to get your short UniknameID) to start your trial by taking advantage of the limited offer (more info about the process here).

Get a voucher thanks to your UniknameID
In summary, use the coupon code UNIK_BOTCRYPTO to get your Premium UniknameID and take advantage of 14 days of free trial to the Botcrypto platform!

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