Unikname’s blockchain LIVENET is on the go!

24 April 2020 | Authentication, Cybersecurity

Laurent Lourenco

uns.network, is up!

A great milestone has been reached. 4th of May 2020 the Unikname’s blockchain, uns.network, is up and running with its 23 delegates. The LIVENET network becomes live after more than 6 months of tests and the last release of code with the UNS Core 5.1 versionThis post explains what’s Unikname’s blockchain and what you can gain from it as a delegate, or as a business user concerned by cybersecurity, or as a web user looking for simpliciy and confidentiality.

In this post you’re going to discover:

  1. The purpose of uns.network blockchain and its Unikname Solutions
  2. UNS protocol Token and the NFT token
  3. UNS Core
  4. Token Economy
  5. Governance and DPOS
  6. Blockchain tools
  7. First uses with Unikname Connect
  8. What’s ready for now and what’s next?

1. uns.network blockchain is specialized in providing Decentralized ID
(also called DID)

uns.network is the distributed network and the protocol dedicated to handle IDs rooted in the blockchain, aiming to secure any web and mobile connections, and to protect the user’s privacy. This blockchain is specialized in providing decentralized ID (also called DID), and offer a good Distributed Public Key Infrastructure (also called DPKI) solution, the basis of the next generation of authentication protocols.

Unikname provides universal anonymous IDs, @unikname, secured by this uns.network blockchain, to empower privacy and cyber-security over the day to day web. Unikname Solutions makes available the uns.network blockchain capabilities to business and every web users through DApp, SDKs and API.

You can learn more about Unikname Solutions directly on the Unikname websites and you can join discussions on the dedicated entry on the Unikname Forum. Let’s continue with the uns.network blockchain.

2. Token

uns.network blockchain runs with the UNS toke, a protocol token (looks like ERC20 on Ethereum). It aims to secure the network and to rewards network players.

UNS tokens are the “fuel” of the network.

uns.network blockchain works also with a NFT Token representing sovereign digital assets: @unikname Identifiers. This is the UNIK Token.

These two tokens are linked together and their combination ensures privacy and integrity of user’s data registry and provides innovative sovereign DID Services such as new way of user’s web authentication.

See more about the token economy here under.

3. UNS Core

This uns.network blockchain has been built on top of the ARK.IO DPOS blockchain framework and inherits all ARK Core features. What is really new here is everything about NFT tokens and some changes in the DPOS consensus rules. On top of that we’ve build a token economy in accordance with the purpose of this blockchain.

4. Token Economy

The delegates receive fees for each transaction forged in addition to the block reward. The amount of fees, in UNS, is specific to each type of transaction.

In addition, the network service providers provide unitary services to the owners of UNIK in exchange for UNS and offer them rewards when they contribute to improving their services.Network service providers are encouraged to sell their services in the unit that best suits their market: ARK token, Bitcoin, $, €, UNS token or anything else.

The LIVENET network starts with the following service providers:

  • NFT-Factory-1 → Provide issuance of UNIK for @unikname scripted with Latin alphabet
  • UNC-IDP-1 → Provide decentralized authentication Identity

These service providers are managed by the Unikname team and can be extended to anyone via licensing.

Then the chain produce UNS tokens for each UNIK created and having reached the “alive” status. So as, the overall supply of UNS tokens follow the level of adoption and usage of the network according number of active @uniknameID.

Network service providers are encouraged to sell their services in the unit that best suits their market: ARK token, Bitcoin, $, €, UNS token or anything else.

More about the token economy on the uns.network Player Hub

5. Governance and DPOS

uns.network blockchain is a hybrid public/permissioned blockchain. It uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus model with 23 forger delegates. These delegates are elected within three different electoral colleges representative of the different network stakeholders:

  • 10 organizations that secure confidential connections on their own website. Every organization with a Unikname Connect solution implemented on their website needs to vote for an organization registered as delegate. The vote is mandatory.
  • 10 individualswith UNS credits. Voting is optional.
  • 3 network community actors who work for the network. For the LIVENET they’are appointed by the Unikname team.

The LIVENET starts with some famous delegates who have participated to test on the SANDBOX network.

This kind of DPOS have been design to reduce the risk of cartelization and to create a balance between professional stakeholders aiming to secure their business and individual stakeholders defending freedom and privacy.

6. UNS Blockchain tools

The CLI (Command Line Interface)

The CLI is a very friendly way to interact with the uns.network blockchain. It has been designed in order to facilitate network node management (deployment, operations, monitoring…) for delegates and for organizations.

The UNS Explorer

Like every blockchain explorer, the UNS explorer provides public information about forged blocks and forged transactions. And because this is a DPOS blockchain, the explorer provides information about elected delegates.

In addition, the UNS explorer provides information about forged @uniknameID, the UNIK NFT tokens and their on-chain properties.

The UNS explorer is available here https://explorer.uns.network

The uns.network Player Hub

You’re welcome to the uns.network Player Hub if you’re looking for comprehensive guides and documentation. It will help you to understand key concepts and to start working with the uns.network blockchain and protocol as quickly as possible.

Unikname Connect

In a following post you’re going to discover the App my.unikname.app and ongoing integrations of Unikname Connect.

With My Unikname App you’re going to discover

  • how to get your own universal identifier, your @Unikname
  • how to Authenticate safely and confidentially

Unikname Connect solution is available to work on the LIVENET for thousands of websites compatible with oAuth2.0 and OPENID Connect.

We’re providing 1st Quick Setup Guidesfor

wooCommerce WORDPRESS plugin

for any Discourse Forum

and for Microsoft Office 365

Get started on the Unikname Developer Hub.