Upgrade any web solution with blockchain innovation

The Multipurpose Decentralized Identity Platform, without KYC

Unikname Decentralized ID

Empower your web solutions with Unikname

Unikname platform is fully customisable to fit your company requirements

Decentralized System

Use decentralized identifiers in your web applications

Based on self-sovereign identity market, Unikname revamp digital identity today and tomorrow.

Réseau décentralisé
Plateforme Unikname Modulaire

Plug&Play Solution

Benefit from available Unikname toolkit

A platform composed of ready-to-use products and an integration framework for your decentralized identity projects

Blockchain Technology

Take advandage of an European blockchain innovation

DIF active member, Unikname Network is specialized in decentralized identifier management

Blockchain Unikname Network

A Decentralized Identifier with Infinite Capabilities

Increase your web solutions value thanks to Unikname

Decentralized authentication

New generation strong authentication in a single step without email nor password

Privacy-friendly data sharing

A module to setup private digital identity concept and its toolkit

Data certification

A module to certify documents and operations without KYC (a.k.a Know Your Customer)

Rewarding system

Improve user experience with our rewarding system based on a fidelity program and a digital token

Digital identity management

Toolkit to manage web access or control remote identifiers (e.g IoT)

Anonymous voting system

Setup surveys or votes respecting participant’s privacy and anonymity with Unikname tools

We have their trust

Blockchain innovation for all your company’s projects

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Client Testimonies

Their voice worth

Unikname protects us from this kind of attacks. We install and use this solution on every website that we create, host or maintain
Johann Bonfils

Founder, Les Baous Agency

We were looking for a secured solution in our technology stack to push to our current and future clients. Unikname fits perfectly with our needs staying innovative and competitive.

CEO, Waïel Digital

No more password is required to connect to our sensitive company websites and data stay safe. The more my clients see the solution, the more it’s adopted.
Yan Degive

Freelancer, Webmarketing

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