Attract new qualified leads

Install the next-gen authentication plugin that increases your conversion rate

 With the next-gen European Authentication Solution:

Increase your web traffic

With a strong community, Unikname engages its own users to look up your online platform to ensure that they become new customers for you!

Improve the customer experience

Offer a 2FA instant login alternative that requires no password or email, you increase your users’ confidence and stand out from your competitors!

Protect your customers' access

Meet the new requirements of your users with a not-traceable connection solution that allows them to control their digital identity and protect their privacy!


Compatible with your website

Install easily Unikname Connect with your environment. In minutes, integrate on your website the Unikname Connect plugin or add few lines of settings depending on your website: WordPress, WooCommerce, Discourse, NodeJS, OAuth 2.0, OpenId Connect… 


Brands already use Unikname to engage their users:

How to install it?

3 ways to install the Unikname Connect plugin on your website

Create your business account

Filling out the form and receive credentials and instructions to start the installation by your own

and plan presentation

Figure out how Unikname  can help your business in choosing the plan that best suits you

10 min to install and
ready to go!

Assisted by our support team, easily set up your next-gen authentication plugin and button