Alternative to Facebook Connect

Sign up free, log in easily on every platform

No more account to create, no more password to remember! Provide your users with simplicity with a one click log in. All your users need is its @unikname and its smartphone to connect.

Phishing hacks shield

We protect your business and your users against Phishing hacks. You will be the exclusive owner of your business @unikname and thanks to our blockchain technology, your users will be able to make the link between your business @unikname and you website URL. Also, we will never ask your users for personal information and with nothing to hide, there’s nothing to steal.

Your user’s privacy is our concern

Unlike Social Login solutions (e.g : Facebook Connect, Google Sign In, Log In with Apple…) we don’t do business with their data. Privacy is our core value and we make a point of respecting individual’s online identity.

Strong authentication by design

Strong authentication blends a minimum of two different authentication factors of different types to improve the safety of the connexion. The combination of your users’ @unikname and PIN code creates a strong authentication that no one can violate.

Build trust by asking for less

We are not a KYC nor AML solution – we don’t need to know your users’ true identity. They can only share information that are needed to establish the connection. Those info will be stored in their App and will be shared with your website in peer to peer. Unikname will never have access to it.

No tracking

As said above, we have no interest in knowing personal info about your users. Neither Unikname nor any tracking system can have access to credit card details, list of contacts or connexion history.

Integrated in minutes

Lots of functions up and running on your website in a few minutes thanks to our SDK and API. We are compatible with the authentication protocol Open ID Connect and Oauth.

Increase trust with your audience and convert more users

Join the community of people who cares about online privacy.

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