Our mission is to protect business and their users.

Unikname Connect is the first strong authentication solution that uses blockchain technology. Most of authentication solutions in the market are managed by big US companies and have indirect control on user’s connection.

Why are we different ?

From other solutions in the market.


Our solution is made in Europe (France, exactly). We are a respectful alternative to American web giant’s solutions.


Unikname does not collect any information regarding business or users. We protect everyone’s online privacy.

Highly Secured

Our solution is decentralised and uses blockchain technology ensuring a highly secure connection between users and platforms.

Peer To Peer

Our authentication solution uses a peer to peer protocole. We don’t use any third party server guaranteeing more security and privacy.

Who are we?

We are a team of 8 people based in Nantes, France.

We all share the love for creation of innovating products and offering better alternative for business and users.

We all have in common the wish to make internet a better place for everyone.



Exploring bitcoin in 2012 has convinced Laurent that blockchain technology is going to impact our society significantly. On his spare time, Laurent loves sharing barbecues with friends.



Damien fell in love with the DLT technology in 2015, then led the charge to develop blockchain-based solutions. A desire to dive further into the subject naturally led him to entrepreneurship. Damien is decentralised by design.



Apart from having a deep interest in the technology and its applications, Fabien spent a considerable amount of time collecting data about Blockchain projects, real-world use-cases, and inter-wallet transactions.



Guillaume fell in love with the dynamic and caring Blockchain community, and decided to make his own open-source project. Guillaume is developing Blockchain solutions democratising the use of crypto-currencies.



Pierre fell into the crypto universe in 2012, as a trader, miner and spare-time investor. He decided to make profit of his experience as a developer by joining Unikname and fully live his passion for cryptos.



Passionate about cryptology and cybersecurity, Juliette naturally went after decentralized technologies to explore innovative solutions. Juliette designs blockchain solutions respectful of privacy and accessible to all.



French crypto influencer under the name of Cryptodidacte, Florian now faces a new challenge: managing an international community for Unikname.



Marine has an eclectic background working in the fashion and tech industry. She discovered the world of crypto and blockchain with Unikname. She has an international experience working in Thailand and in the UK.