Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the user loses with phone ?2020-08-06T09:34:20+01:00

Our solution is very user friendly. A back-up is suggested when the user first set up the Unikname App on his phone, and a recovery can be done in case of loss of the user’s phone.

What happens if my website/app get hacked ?2020-08-06T09:38:46+01:00

In this case, the hacker won’t have access to user’s passwords since there are no passwords. They won’t be able to reuse the user’s credentials (@unikname and pin code ) to log in on another website neither.

How can I trust you don’t make use of any of my user’s data ?2020-08-06T09:37:25+01:00

– We do not make use of personal information and do not keep trace of connection history. We do not have any economic incentive to do so since our business model isn’t based on users data trade. User’s data will be securely saved on their Unikname App.
– Our solution is open source and our code will be publicly accessible when the latest update of our blockchain goes live. Everyone will be able to audit it and have a look through it.

What is the difference between Unikname Connect and a legacy authentication solution ? (email + password)2020-08-06T09:38:18+01:00

The difference between us and legacy solutions is that Unikname Connect is a strong authentication protocol. We are also more user friendly and don’t require the users to share their email addresse or create a new password for the umpteenth time. A windfall in a world where the average business user has 191 passwords.

What is the difference between Unikname Connect and social authentication solutions ? (Facebook Connect)2020-08-06T09:14:55+01:00

We are a clean alternative to Facebook Connect, our technology is decentralized (Blockchain) and doesn’t use any third-party servers. We guarantee a private connection between your platform and your users without storing any data.

Can I combine Unikname Connect with an authentication solution already implemented on my website ?2020-08-06T09:31:37+01:00

Absolutely. Unikname Connect can be combined with the authentication solution of your choice.
However, users‘ connections will only be confidential if they log in with Unikname Connect. As for your business, we suggest that you don’t implement a third-party authorizer (Facebook connect, Google Sign In…) on your website unless you’re comfortable with that third party gathering some extra data on you.

What is the @unikname for business ? and the @unikname for users ?2020-08-06T09:28:54+01:00

The @unikname for businesses is the identifier you acquire when you set up a professional account with Unikname Connect. The @unikname for users is the identifier users need to use when log in on your web platform or mobile app. Each user @unikname is self-sovereign and universal.
For each connection, both @unikname (business and user) and your domain name are closely tied, which makes the authentication secure and hack-proof.

Why Blockchain ?2020-08-06T09:28:30+01:00

Blockchain empowers users to have greater control over their own identity. The increasing number of hacks and data breaches are proving that cybersecurity is still not a standard for every business.
Having implemented a third-party authentication solution can expose companies to greater risk of data theft. Decentralized Blockchain technology is the optimum solution for this misfortune and this is why we decided to build Unikname Connect on our own Blockchain technology (uns.network)

How to integrate Unikname Connect on my website ?2020-08-06T09:41:10+01:00

Unikname Connect can easily be integrated to your website or app. Have a look at our developers page and you will find our SDK and API. The beta version is already available on invitation.