Increase trust with your users.

Unikname is a set of solutions that aims to protect web businesses from hacks and help them regain trust with their users.

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Unikname Connect, a privacy-by-design authentication solution

Unikname Connect was born as a European alternative to GAFAM’s solution for social authentication. The goal with Unikname Connect is to offer a respectful alternative to the user privacy.

Confidential & Private

Privacy is our core value. Signing in with Unikname Connect allows yours users to stay private online.


Unikname Connect doesn’t store or make use of user’s data. Their private information are securely saved on their Unikname App.

Secured by the Blockchain

Our Identity Provider solution is founded on the, itself governed and secured by 23 idependant actors.

Easy as 1-2-3

We make no compromise on simplicity. Our next-generation authentication solution only requires the user @unikname and a simple pin code or fingerprint to log in.

  • The user clicks on the Unikname log in button integrated on your website and type his private @unikname

  • A notification pops up on his phone, and open the Unikname App. Now, the user only needs to type his 6 digits PIN code to authenticate.

  • Tadam! In a few seconds, the user is connected to your app or website and can safely navigate online.

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With Benefits for your business

Secure your business economy

Unikname Connect allows you to get more control over your business while being independent from internet giants. We are not gathering any data on businesses.

Increase trust with your users

Upgrade your app or website with a respectful, secure and private connection solution and convert more users.

Avoid Phishing hacks

The authentication token is closely tied to the combination of your domain name, your Unikname Account and your user’s @unikname, preventing phishing hack attempts and malicious connections.

How it works ?

  • Quick Registrer

Create your business account and chose your professional @unikname.

  • Secure your @unikname

Secure your @Unikname by linking it to your domain name.

  • Integration

Our solution can be integrated on your app or website in no time thanks to our SDK and API.

  • You’re good to go!

Your users can now sign up and log in on your app or website privately and securely.

They trust us

Increase trust with your audience and convert more users

Offer your users the right to confidentiality and join the community of people who cares about online privacy.

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